We make every effort to ensure that our creations are a guarantee of quality ... the choice of the best Brazilian fabric, the "Santa Constancia", the talent of seamstresses, the solidity of the seams ... All these elements are taken into account to offer you products and an optimal service.


The OLAJOYA brand offers designs influenced by Caribbean culture and Brazilian know-how. Original cuts, more daring colors, which highlight the feminine silhouettes, here is our leitmotif ...


... Every woman is unique ... the OLAJOYA bikini is also ...

The realization of our creations is in keeping with this golden rule ... oh how important. Each product of the OLAJOYA brand is manufactured in limited series. As an example, each swimsuit is unique for the size you want. Let's make it simpler, if you meet another woman as beautiful as you, with the same bikini (model and print), be certain that she will not have the same silhouette ... The label OLAJOYA, affixed to each of our creations symbolizes these values ​​and the constant search for quality.


The brand OLAJOYA is committed throughout its production and marketing process:

- We practice a fair purchase price that decently compensates the work and know-how of our Brazilian seamstresses.

- We are committed to using only fabrics of Brazilian origin to support a local and quality industry.

- Our T-shirts are eco-responsible, made from recycled plastic and organic cotton.

- We banned plastics from our packaging by offering recycled paper bags